Congratulations to CyArk

Seagate is proud to announce that CyArk has won the inaugural Ptolemy Data Science Award, given to those whose exploration in data science points the way to a better future for people everywhere.

We chose CyArk for their groundbreaking work in pioneering new ways of using data to safeguard and explore human civilization.

The organization received a handsomely designed award that visually captures the marriage of data science and human values, as well as recognition of the vital importance of their work to the lives of real people.

Breathing life into data

More and more data is created and explored every year—so much so that data science is in a state of constant evolution. We’ve reached a paradigm shift as significant as the Industrial Revolution, so we created the annual Ptolemy Data Science Award to recognize groundbreaking work in data science that changes lives for the better.

Ptolemy was a Greek mathematician and astronomer who created a model for predicting the positions of the planets based on centuries of observational data. Though his geocentric theory was eventually disproved, his use of data for predictive analysis was groundbreaking and deeply influential. His rigor and commitment to data inspired the creation of this award.

Honoring data pioneers

We evaluated candidates using the following criteria:

  • Social Impact: The nature and durability of the work’s impact on one or more specific societal problems
  • Creative Exploration: The new and innovative ways the project uses data, and how unique the effort is relative to others within their peer set
  • Scientific Advancement: The introduction of forward-thinking tools or methods that change the way we think about or use data

A look inside their research

For years, CyArk has pushed the limits of data science to capture and share digital representations of cultural heritage sites. Explore the global reach and forward-thinking optimism of their preservation efforts with Elizabeth Lee, CyArk’s Vice President of Programs.

If you’d like your work to be considered for next year’s award, please contact us and we’ll let you know when we begin accepting submissions.

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