OneStor® Embedded Storage Platform

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Consolidated Intelligent Storage for Data Intensive Workloads

OneStor® Embedded Storage Platforms incorporate Intel based server modules, called Application Controller(s), that insert directly into any OneStor® Modular Enclosure, consolidating storage, processing, memory, and I/O channels to satisfy the most demanding storage workloads.  The combination of embedded processing alongside storage results in powerful intelligent solutions ideal for applications with significant computational intensive storage requirements such as  big data analytics, Hadoop deployments, digital media rendering and post production processing, genome sequencing and other high-transaction environments. 

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OEMs, Build Your Own Storage System

OEMs can choose from the Modular Enclosures and combine with the Application Controller to create an Embedded Application Platform. Platform features:

  • Incorporates latest High Performance Intel E5 Xeon CPU options including up to 10 cores
  • Four DIMMs per Controller for up to 64GB of RAM
  • Low Latency I/O via  InfiniBand or Dual 10GbE option, using onboard Mellanox ConnectX®-3 device
  • Highly-Available architecture with one or two embedded server modules and optional controller failover capability
  • Multiple I/O options via available PCIe slot, including 10GbE, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand
  • Internal Boot and Data SSD with optional METIS power protection that  can back up volatile ram into non-volatile space
  • Expansion via 6Gb/s SAS port on controller paired with OneStor® Enclosures

OneStor® AP-2584: Ultra Dense Storage Server

The OneStor® AP-2584 Application Platform delivers a robust, enterprise-class, ultra dense storage server building block that is ideal for original equipment manufacturer (OEM ) cloud-scale application performance. The OneStor® AP-2584 includes:

  • Up to 84 SAS and SATA hard disk or solid state drives per 5U rack unit enclosure
  • Enterprise level reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Certified 80 PLUS Gold efficient power
  • Adaptive cooling technology


OnStor AP-2584 Data Sheet >

OneStor AP-2212: Enterprise-Class Storage with Embedded Processing

The OneStor® AP-2212 Application Platform delivers enterprise-class storage features with embedded processing. Embedded server modules are designed to deliver more scale-out processing where needed, or can be configured for high availability. The OneStor® AP-2212 includes:

  • 12 HDD/SSD
  • Form Factor 3.5”
  • 2 Rack Units

OneStor® AP-2212 Data Sheet >

OneStor AP-2224: Maximum IOPS Storage

The OneStor® AP-2224 Application Platform delivers maximum IOPS with minimum energy consumption. The OneStor® AP-2224 uses HDD/SDDs with a form factor of 2.5, which offers twice the IOPS per unit of rack storage when compared to the same number of 3.5 SAS drives. The OneStor® AP-2224 includes:

  • 24 HDD/SSD
  • Form Factor 2.5”
  • 2 Rack Units

OneStor® AP-2224 Data Sheet >

Model Data Sheet User Manual Rack Units HDD/SSD # Form Factor

2 24 2.5"

2 12 3.5"

5 84 3.5"

4 24 3.5"

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